Mideast Renewables Outshine Oil

California Drought To Spark Power Outages this Summer

Canada’s Plan to Ship More Oil to Europe

Goldman Calls $70 Oil in Q2, But Jet Fuel Is The Joker

Putin To Save Europe from Global Warming

The High Electricity Cost of Decking Those Halls

Energy Trades That Shook The World

How Bitcoin Played A Big Role in Tesla’s Worst Week

New Mexico Oil Output Recovers to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Beyond EVs and AI: Our Favorite Crazy Car Inventions

Nigeria’s Too-Little-Too-Late Oil Reform

The Death of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Why We Should All Move To Norway

Offshore Brazil Is Big Oil’s Best Play

Senator Warren’s New Target: Big Oil CEOs

Michigan – Enbridge Pipeline War Hits Climax

IEA Says Hydrogen Needs Major Cash Infusion

Oil Traders Jump on Siberian Mega-Oil

Weaponized Gas or Bridge to Cleaner Fuel? The Nord Stream Game

Hackers Hit Aramco with $50M in Crypto Ransom

Vaccine Mandates Spreads to U.S. Oil Industry

Will Delta Variant Crush Oil Recovery?

New Ransomware Group Spares Oil & Gas

JPMorgan Defies Covid With $125 Oil

Lego Bricks Snub Oil


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