Digital health’s reckoning: Where once-hot startups suddenly find themselves in dire straits for cash

Natural gas prices fell to their lowest point in 21 months, as the East Coast saw less snow this winter than Texas.

Johnson and Johnson loses $17B in market value as appeals court denies company bankruptcy escape from baby powder lawsuits

What has Brexit meant for the UK’s economy?

IMF: UK to be the only major economy to shrink by 2023

EU to relax state aid rules in order to encourage renewables investment

Bank of England to increase interest rates 10 times in a row

After sanctioning the first deal, West Brom could make three transfers before the deadline.

Coffeezilla is the crypto detective who claims he convinced Sam Bankman-Fried that he committed fraud.

Russia is facing new sanctions for its energy exports. But this time China or India might not be able to save Putin.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX may even owe money a small Bahamian gardening shop. These are some of the surprising names on the long list creditors for the crypto exchange.

Jeremy Grantham is concerned about a stock market crash. He also highlights the things he believes are important to have in 2023. These are the top 7 quotes.

Goldman Sachs: These 17 stocks have strong international exposure and can help you profit from the economic recovery in China and Europe

Warren Buffett placed $600 million on Gillette and eventually bought Duracell. Here’s how his razor wager led him to the purchase of Duracell.

Goldman Sachs shares the 4 cities that will experience a 2008-sized crash in home values. They also explain why they think home prices will fall further across the US than they initially thought.

Marc Benioff could have to sell in order to please activist investors. It would likely be worth less than half of the $28 billion he paid 18 months ago

British Steel and Tata to Protect Jobs Until 2033 in order to Unlock £600m Funding

Google lets Daily Wire advertise with climate crisis deniers, research shows

Wise, a UK fintech company, is accused of suppressing competition from rival startups

Europe Is Diversifying Its Diesel Sources Ahead Of Ban On Russian Fuel

As the third quarter earnings call approaches, BT Group plc is ‘either on the tightrope or on the plank’

Vodafone is feeling the heat ahead of its third-quarter earnings call

After a ‘tough year’, Shell decides to withdraw from broadband and home energy

Rolls-Royce shares the truths of its home with a ‘burning platform” comment

After two years, Donald Trump will be “unbanned” from Meta’s Facebook

LVMH: Luxury giant’s sales soar despite China losses

According to the former chief economist of Bank, UK households will feel more pain

NatWest will close 23 more branches in England and Wales

Britishvolt reports that the UK’s car industry has reported a dismal year and Britishvolt is now insolvent owing PS120m

EasyJet records record bookings despite the cost of living crisis

The British Nuclear Industry Needs More Government Support

Exxon: Stop Flaring in The Permian and Urges Others to Follow His Lead

UK car production falls again, EVs account for nearly a third

Shell is told by regulator to “get grip” on the broadband arm

National Grid orders coal stations to turn on as France’s exports soar

In the post-FTX recovery rally, Bitcoin leaps ahead of Ethereum

Royal Mail sets strike costs at £200mln and gives loss guidance

Octopus pays over £1mln to households that reduce their energy consumption during the trial

Boeing faces fraud charges after 737 Max crashes

Microsoft investigates Outlook outage that affected Outlook users and Teams worldwide

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