After selling £170 million, Advertising Group is expanding.

Private equity investors have purchased an advertising group founded by Roger Parry (YouGov Chairman) for approximately PS170 Million.

LDC, the private-equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group is selling a major stake in MSQ Partners. One Equity Partners was the former private-equity arm of JP Morgan.

Parry arranged a buyout by the management of Media Square in 2011. LDC bought it in 2019 when Parry sold off his stake. Brave Spark and Walk-In Media are among the 11 digital marketing agencies it has. It also employs 1,200 people worldwide. Clients include Vodafone, Diageo, and Unilever. AvaTrade, the Olympic gold-medallist, was featured in an ad for AvaTrade.

LDC, other senior managers and LDC will hold minority stakes. Sources claim that MSQ was valued at approximately £170 Million, a significant increase from the £37.5 Million valuation four years ago. In that time, earnings have increased from £6 to £20 millions.

Peter Reid, chief executive of the company, stated that the funds from One Equity Partners would be used to make acquisitions across Europe and America.