AIM-listed fryer service Filta Group see 20% growth and confident of full dividend going forwards

In an interview with London South East, Filta Group CEO Jason Sayers explained how the kitchen services group target 20 growth per annum across the entire business, and having not paid a dividend these interims, “are confident we will be back to a full dividend going forwards”.

The business delivers a Filter Fryer service and a grease management service for large restaurant and stadium customers, with the US and the UK the two biggest markets, and Europe the next growth market.

#FLTA service well over 7,000 commercial kitchens in total with 189 franchise owners here in the UK and a larger proportion in the States, “and they pay us monthly royalty fees. We have very high repeat business and very low churn rates.”

In the States the business work with 300 stadiums and 300 universities, and some of those larger customers can have up to 200 fryers. “We filter cooking oil and dispose of some each time to make biodiesel. The environment and our Environmental Reports have always been core to our business and is part of what makes us sticky, why we get repeat business.

Covid hit the business hard as restaurants and stadiums are the core business but FLTA focused hard on cash and have bounced back, with higher revenues than ever before.

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