Alessandro Zamboni, Founder & CEO, Supply@Me Capital (SYME.L)

On Monday Supply@Me Capital announced the Strategic inventory funding agreement for up to €8bn over five years with the acquisition of Bank in Europe

Share Talk spoke with Alessandro Zamboni, Founder & CEO, to get his take on the news update and explain to holders what it means for the company.

Supply@ME Capital plc, the innovative fintech platform which provides a unique, market-leading Inventory Monetisation© service to European manufacturing and trading companies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic agreement (“Agreement”) with a leading European Alternative Investment Firm (the “Financial Partner”) and SYME’s shareholders, 1AF2 S.r.l. and The AvantGarde Group S.p.A. (“Co-investors”), to acquire a bank in Europe (the “Bank”). The core objective of the transaction is to support and facilitate the rapid growth of the Supply@ME platform, with the full support of the Central Bank within that jurisdiction.

Alessandro Zamboni, SYME CEO, commented “This strategic Bank partnership is a significant addition to the Company’s existing funding initiatives. Our objective has always been to form partnerships that would enable us to exceed our funding targets, and this agreement achieves that at one stroke. Our business model is highly scalable, subject to access to capital, and to client companies. With this new Bank partnership and the other on-track initiatives, we now have capital and client companies.

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