Alkaline Fuel Cell Power says Progressus JV is a milestone in its quest to hand power to the people

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp. (NEO:PWWR.AQN) CEO Frank Carnevale joined Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion to share news of a letter of intent the company has entered with Progressus Clean Technologies Inc to complete a joint venture (JV) pilot project aimed at providing a solution for natural gas utilities to directly power residential and commercial businesses.

Carnevale telling Proactive that the partners intend to use the JV as proof-of-concept for each company’s technologies and assess the ability to combine Progressus’ technology with AFCP’s fuel cells to serve residential and small building customers across North America, the company said.

“This JV pilot project is a key milestone in our goal of making zero-emission fuel cells widely available, handing ‘power to the people’ so that individuals can both save on energy costs while positively contributing to global emission reduction targets,” Carnevale added in a statement.

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