Annabel Brodie-Smith, AIC on The London South East, Investing Matters Podcast Episode 5

Welcome to this episode of Investing Matters, which is with none other than the award-winning Communications Director at the Association of Investment Companies, Annabel Brodie-Smith. Annabel is a highly sought-after expert within the investment companies’ industry.

In this Investing Matters podcast, we discuss some of Annabel’s achievements and many of those achieved by the Investment Companies that now make up around £274 billion in assets, Dividend Heroes, record breaking issuance and investors recognising the benefits of dividend paying investment companies. In addition: Assets at premium to net asset value, discounts to net asset value, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Scottish Mortgage Trust, Blockchain, Unquoted companies, Private Equity companies, Venture Capital Trusts, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing, global reach, new listings and much more.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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