Aquis Exchange: transforming the business of stock exchanges

Next-generation exchange group Aquis has continued to expand its leading-edge exchange technology in 2022, while its Aquis Stock Exchange has bucked the downturn in new listings seen elsewhere.

It’s been a difficult year on the markets, but next generation exchange group Aquis Exchange (AQX) has navigated it with aplomb. In this interview we talk to Chief Financial Officer Richard Fisher about the group’s progress in attracting new companies to its Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE), the continued expansion of its multilateral trading facility Aquis Exchange, and how its investments in technology are reshaping the running of trading venues in the cloud-computing era.

0:37 Introducing Richard Fisher and the Aquis Exchange, and what being a “next generation exchange” means
3:07 Exploring the synergies between the Technology and Exchange divisions, and how running a successful exchange business has given it the credibility to win technology contracts versus legacy supplier
4:19 How Aquis Exchange’s ability to offer a full suite of products has helped it trade through tricky market conditions, including the acquisition of UBS’s MTF business allowing it to operate dark pool trading for the first time
5:40 Describing investment in technology, headcount and the board, how of its strong balance sheet will help it take advantage further growth opportunities, and how the current market turmoil highlights Aquis’s strength as an industry disruptor
7:56 How Aquis Stock Exchange’s pragmatic and robust regulatory framework and hands on process has helped it attracted a steady stream of new listings in 2022, when other exchanges have been struggling to attract new IPOs
10:02 The significance of the deal with Hargreaves Lansdown to allow trading in AQSE Apex stocks in opening up the Aquis Stock Exchange to retail investors, and plans to build branding and awareness to drive more flow through retail platforms
11:29 Looking forward at the strongest-ever pipeline of potential new listings for the Aquis Stock Exchange, and why despite being a cost-effective choice of exchange listing on AQSE isn’t a cost-based decision
13:44 Plans across the rest of the group in 2023, and how developments in the Technology division are set to further transform the economics of running stock exchanges for its long-term customers

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