Australia-focused Gold/Copper explorer Empire Metals are fully funded for 2 years of exploration

London South East spoke to Shaun Bunn, MD at the AIM-listed gold/copper explorer Empire Metals and he gave us an operational update on Empire’s four Australian assets, gold and gold/copper exploration, as well as the legacy Austrian assets.

Empire Metals recently raised 1.7 million pounds, which means, as Shaun Bunn says “The mining industry is booming and it’s difficult to get exploration activities going. We have managed to overcome all that and we will be starting drilling on 16th June, targeting all of our high grade intercepts around Gindalbie and Eclipse, (to the North of Kalgoorlie). We look forward to starting the aeromatic surveys across the Pitfield licences, and then towards the end of the year we will be on the ground at Walton and at Stavely.”

“We’ve got the resources now, we’ve got scale, we’ve got quality, we are well funded, we’ve got at least the next two years of exploration funding in the bank, we are going to put our heads down and get going” said Shaun.

As to what the strategy is, #EEE are hoping for a massive discovery, and “that discovery is what triggers all those possibilities. We’re going to reduce the risk down to just an exploration risk. What we are dealing with is – are we good at what we do, have we got quality assets and can we fund the drilling programme, and the answer is yes, yes and yes.”

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