Biotech billionaire claims his wild routine reduced his biological age by five years. Scientists aren’t certain that most of this works.

Bryan Johnson’s daily routine is not suitable for the weak-hearted.

Johnson, 45, is determined to reverse the effects of aging. Johnson wakes up at 5am and eats 1,977 calories per day. He also takes more than 100 supplements.

The billionaire biotech CEO Oliver Zolman has been working with 30 doctors to obtain the body of a teenage boy.

Johnson has claimed that he has decreased his biological age by at most 5 years. Scientists aren’t sure that such a strict regime can reverse aging. Here are the experts’ thoughts:

Johnson wakes up at 5 a.m. and drinks the Green Giant smoothie as soon as he awakes. These compounds include compounds with complex names such as spermidine and creatine, collagen, peptides, and cocoa flavanols.

He also consumes more than 100 pills per day. These include natural compounds such as ginger root and garlic, but also off-label medications like metformin which is used to treat diabetes. Johnson claims that he also takes lithium, which is a medication used to treat mental disorders.

Jed Lye, a British Society for Research on Aging board member and researcher on aging, stated that supplements can be used to replace the molecules in our bodies that are no longer made.

He said that it is a daily commitment and any positive effects from supplements can be reversed.

Jan Vijg, a genetics professor from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, said that there is “clear evidence” that metformin can increase the lifespan of healthy aging. Lye stated that there is only limited evidence supporting lithium’s use.

Johnson said that his supplement mix is tailored to him. His website states that the optimal protocol for you might differ.

Johnson starts his hour-long workout after his first smoothie. It consists of 25 daily activities. He also performs HIIT (high-intensity interval train) for 10 minutes three times per week.

Johnson also eats a vegan diet that provides him with 1,977 calories per day. Johnson eats more than 70 pounds of vegetables each month.

“No processed foods. “That’s the main point,” Zolman, who heads Johnson’s medical team.

He calls it “super vegetable” because the first meal is always the exact same. This includes ingredients such as black lentils and broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and hemp seeds.

Johnson eats his second meal an hour later, the “nutty dessert”, according to Blueprint. This website tracks Johnson’s health.

Johnson will then eat his third meal a few hours later. Johnson said that although it can be varied, it is usually vegan and contains vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

Johnson will not eat again until the next morning at that hour.

“Who can argue against regular exercise and a healthy diet?” said Vijg.

Lye suggested that a vegan diet may be able to clear blockages in the arteries. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim, according to the British Heart Foundation.

Early evidence suggests that calorie restriction and fasting may be linked to an extended lifespan. However, these studies remain weak according to a 2021 broad review of anti-aging diets.

The review authors wrote.

Johnson is not the only one to have confirmed this. Bloomberg reports that Johnson’s body fat dropped to 3% at one time, which could have been dangerous for his heart health.

Johnson will receive between five and six “therapies” per day, he claims.

These can include skin and lung rejuvenation to laser treatments for his face, as well as ear treatments to improve his hearing.

Bloomberg reports that Johnson had recently had fat injected into his face. He said it was to create a “fat scaffolding”, which would allow him to grow young adult fat cells.

Zolman admitted that many of the treatments are experimental, the Level 3 stage intervention as he called them. This is why he continues to be tested.

These therapies, Zolman and his colleagues believe, may lower one or more “biological markers” of aging associated with each organ such as hair or cardiac function.

Lye stated that people should consult a doctor before undertaking any type of medical procedure.

“Some of the things they mentioned did raise an eyebrow. However, I am not sure how beneficial it is for your system health to inject fat into your skin. He said that there is an aesthetic component to this procedure.

Johnson keeps track of his progress by taking measurements of each organ in his body. This includes regular blood tests, MRIs and colonoscopies.

Lye stated that Johnson’s and Zolman’s tracking was “pioneering” in its complexity, comprehensiveness and thoroughness.

Does that mean they have the right formula to determine the “biological age of a person?” He says that it’s not.

He said, “The aging clocks they’ve specifically looked at, which measure the epigenome, is a start.”

Zolman says that the biological age is measured using markers on DNA called epigenetics. He recommends taking this information with a grain.

He stated, “It is not sufficient evidence to say we reduce age by five years in all organs.”

Bloomberg reports that Johnson finishes his day wearing goggles that block blue light for up to two hours.

Blue filtering glasses have been touted as a way to reduce strain and damage caused by the sun’s rays. According to the American Association of Ophthalmologists, there is no evidence to support it.

In a blog post, Esen Akpek, an eye doctor from the John Hopkins Medical School stated that blue light does not cause eyestrain. The natural crystalline lens of the eye and the cornea can block excessive blue light.

According to the AAO, there has never been an experiment that supports light from computers damaging our eyes.

Some evidence suggests that blue light can disturb our circadian rhythms. This is our bodies natural desire to go to sleep and wake up at specific hours.

However, in such cases, the AAO recommends that you avoid all screens before going to bed.

This is a very intensive protocol. Lye stated that this level of medical intervention should be done under strict medical supervision.

Lye stated that Zolman “is going for a moonshot” here.

“The collaboration with Bryan has allowed us to answer the fundamental question that lurks in the back of many aging researcher’s minds: it’s all very intriguing, but what if we tried everything at once?” He said.

Lye stated that these interventions were tested separately, but not in combination, which could lead to counterintuitive effects on aging and/or be dangerous when combined.

Lye stated, “I don’t know if everyone should start taking 107 different supplement,”

There is currently no scientific evidence to support the notion that humans can live longer.

Vijg stated, “If you think that you will live much longer than, say 115 — which would be more or less the maximum life expectancy of our species — then there are currently no evidence this can happen.”

The good news about aging research is that it could extend a person’s healthy life expectancy, which could mean they can live to the end in better health.

Vijg, however, isn’t so certain there’s much room for improvement.

“I fear there are diminishing returns, and it’s possible that we have already seen all of the improvements that could be made. He said that the rest could be marginal.

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