BP PLC adds a battery storage facility to its plans for a solar farm

BP announced that it will build the first solar farm in the UK with battery storage at a site near Tiln Farm, Retford. This will help to drive its global plans for the technology.

Nick Boyle, head of BP’s joint venture for solar energy, stated that he believes that battery storage technology will become a widespread part of solar farms and help to address the issue of intermittent energy.

BP announced that it was building a large-scale solar farm in Retford, the UK’s largest solar project. Construction of the 61MWp project began in November.

BP will invest over £40mln in the project. When complete, the project will produce enough energy to power approximately 14,230 UK homes.

After the project is completed, 50 GWh of renewable power generated by it will be sold to Forterra (a UK manufacturer of building products) each year for 15 years through a corporate power purchase arrangement.