Capital Markets Masterclass – 12th July 2022

Where are the equity, bond, oil and commodity markets heading? Find out here in this fascinating ‘Capital Markets Summit’ with two titans of the investment world, Martin Gilbert, Chairman of Assetco and Revolut, and Chris Watling, CEO and Founder of Longview Economics.

00:00 Economic outlook, & whether there’ll be a mild or severe recession?
04:00 What has been priced into the markets?
06:35 When might there be a resolution to the Ukraine/Russia war, &/or China’s zero covid tolerance policy?
08:30 Is China a ‘no touch’ for investors?
09:50 View on the $, € & £
11:55 Possible Euro debt anti-fragmentation measures.
13:10 Have we seen the peak in the crude price?
15:10 What’s the outlook for industrial metals?
17:00 Is it time to be bullish on fixed income?
18:50 When will inflation roll-over?
22:05 How should the banks, fintech & asset managers perform?
25:20 When will real bond yields turn positive?
28:25 Are there any major counter-party risks to consider?
31:15 Best investment ideas.
34:35 Small/midcap stocks?
39:00 Any ‘Black Swans’ to watch?

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