Capital Markets Summit 17th Jan 2022 (Reupload)

Reupload -Capitals Market Summit with Martin Gilbert (Chairman of Assetco & Revolut), Chris Watling (Longview Economics) & Justin Urquhart Stewart (Founder of Regionally)

00:00 2022 outlook for the global capital markets.
03:05 View on fixed income & UK equities?
07:30 Will the central banks make a policy mistake?
10:25 How will mining & commodity stocks fare if growth decelerates in China?

Outlook for the below sectors:

12:10 Energy, nuclear and oil & gas
19:30 Banks
25:30 Leisure, airline & travel
31:20 Asset/fund managers
34:10 Healthcare
36:20 Technology/software
38:50 UK smallcaps
43:50 Any major risks to watch out for?
49:05 Top investment ideas for 2022.

Martin Gilbert – Chairman of Assetco & Revolut
Chris Watling – Longview Economics
Justin Urquhart Stewart – Founder of Regionally

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