Christmas Eve Bulletin Board Heroes, Wednesday 24th December 2020.

Here, Bonnie Hughes talks to Ben Turney, CEO of Kavango Resources (LON:KAV) about the firm’s recently released conceptional economic viability report for its Iron Oxide Copper-Gold (“IOCG”) target at the Great Red Spot anomaly within its Kalahari Suture Zone (“KSZ”) project.

In the video, Turney explains the purpose of the report at this early stage, the potential scale of what Kavango might be looking at given the similarities between its IOCG target and the Olympic Dam IOCG project in Australia, as well as the company’s next planned steps over the entire KSZ project area.

As Turney highlights: “The Great Red Spot is at the nexus of a number of intersecting faults. So, in geological terms, this is the right postcode where you’ve had a lot of tectonic and geological activity that happened over hundreds of millions of years, vast amounts of magma in different phases that spread apart over long distances of time. In geological terms, these are the sorts of conditions that can lead to the formation of multiple mineralisation styles.”

Also covered are Kavango’s recent acquisition of the remaining 50% of its Kanye Resources JV, and its plans for Ditau following the recent completion of a drilling campaign.….

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