Coffee machine sales surge as prices of takeaway latte rise

Demand for home espresso machines has increased due to the rising cost of coffee taken away.

Alex Baldock said that shoppers are increasingly making their own coffee at home due to higher prices in chains.

He said: “Many customers say that the £3.75 flat-whiteis not something they are up for this year. “They want to drink their coffee at home. This is great for ‘bean to cup’ coffee machines.”

Currys reported that sales of coffee machines in the two weeks before Black Friday, on November 24, were 105pc more than the previous year.

The demand for takeaway coffee has risen as people try to offset the increase in price.

Allegra, a coffee consultancy, says that the average price of a flat white rose 30p to an average £3.14. The average price of a flat-white rose by 30p, to £3.14.

Prior to the pandemic the average cost of a latte in the UK was 2.67 pounds, and a flat-white was 2.66 pounds. Allegra will release figures for coffee prices 2023 in the next month.

As the price of fuel, ingredients and labour have risen, the public has had to accept steep price increases on the high-street.

If you drink a lot of coffee, making it yourself can help you save hundreds per year.

Costs can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

The beans are still more affordable. A 227g bag from Waitrose is only £3.75, , or 20p more expensive than a latte at Pret a Manger. The 227g of coffee will yield up to 20 cups.

Currys says that coffee machines are in high demand because more people work from home.

Mr Baldock also added that air fryers were also gaining in popularity.

He said that shoppers are cutting back on other electronics and appliances, such as large televisions.

Mr Baldock stated: “It is not the best time for 98-inch televisions at this moment.” The Supersize TV (sales) are slightly lower than last year.