COVID-19: are we closing in on the end-game?

A year on from one of the big turning points in world history, where are we with COVID-19? Are we closing in on the end-game, or are we only just at the end of the beginning in the fight against this disease?

In this episode, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor caught up with Dr Navid Malik PhD MSc MBA ASCI. Dr Malik is a medically trained doctor, but one who has also built major healthcare franchises for leading UK brokers and investment banks, raising over £2bn for the sector. More recently his focus has been on COVID-19 and the need for continued investment to provide second and third generation vaccines to tackle future mutations beyond long-COVID.

Dr Malik discusses what we know about COVID and how it is developing, what the pharmaceutical sector is doing to try and combat the disease and how the sector is coping with the pressures of delivering drugs to treat the effects on the human body.

Then, what about the sector? Where are we likely to find the opportunities? Is it in big pharma or in amongst the some of the smaller biotech companies that have done so well recently?

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