Disney boss orders workers to return to work four days per week

The boss at Disney has instructed employees currently working remotely to come into the office four days per week starting in March.

Bob Iger, chief executive, stated that hybrid workers will be required to treat Monday through Thursday as in-person workdays.

He also highlighted that face-to–face collaboration is crucial to “a creative company like ours”.

This announcement comes just two months after Mr. Iger’s shocking return to Disney.

In a memo to employees, Mr Iger stated that “nothing can replace being physically together and the ability to observe, connect, and create with others” and also the chance to learn from mentors and leaders.

He stated, “It is my belief, that working together in-person will benefit our company’s creativity and culture, as well as our employees’ careers,”

Return to work

Disney, like many large companies, allowed its employees to work remotely during the pandemic in an effort to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Disney, like many other large companies, has made it a point to hire staff again.

Recent changes have been made to working policies by companies like Snap, Tesla, and Uber.

Apple’s technology giant has required employees to work three days per week since September.

Elon Musk, multi-billionaire, ordered Twitter employees back to work for 40 hours per week in November. This ended the company’s “work from anywhere” policy.

Musk bought the social media platform for $44bn (£38.7bn). He asked staff to sign up for long hours at high intensity or leave.

Iger’s return

The company’s board brought Mr. Iger back to lead it through a difficult period. After its share price plunged, and Disney+ continued to operate at a loss, Mr. Iger was reinstated.

He returned less than one year after retiring from the company. For 15 years, he was the Disney president.

Bob Chapek was replaced by Mr Iger, who assumed the role of chief executive in February 2020.

As Disney’s boss, Mr Chapek was responsible for the closing of the parks because of Covid restrictions.