East Imperial year in review: distribution success and resilient luxury consumers

Major distribution deals in North America and Asia Pacific have left ultra-premium mixer company East Imperial in a strong position to tap into the post-Covid bounceback of luxury travel

In this interview Vox Markets speak to Tony Burt – chief executive ultra-premium mixer company East Imperial – about a year of transformational new distribution
deals in North America and Asia Pacific, which have left it well placed to capitalise on the reopening of a luxury travel market that continues to thrive in the face of the global inflationary crisis

00:00 Intro
00:45 Progress on revenue growth and margin improvement despite continuing – but easing – supply chain headwinds
02:11 How volume increase rather than price increases are driving revenue growth, and the importance to profitability
03:32 Progress in North America, the importance of distribution and bottling deals there, and the scale of the opportunity
07:32 The trading impact of continued lockdowns in China, and the significance of its tentative reopening
09:48 The importance of luxury tourism to the business as highlighted by a new distribution deal in Vietnam
11:10 The potential of the SUTL distribution partnership to underpin further Asia Pacific expansion
12:03 The impact of the macro-economic backdrop and the resilience of the luxury consumer to the global inflationary crisis
15:25 How balance sheet strength underpins investment and new product development plans

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