EI.Ventures invests in development and production as it targets plant-based mental healthcare

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Ventures CEO and co-founder David Nikzad says the company is a long-term investor in the companies it takes stakes in as it develops plant-based medicines targeted at mental healthcare.

Following news of an agreement with Avicanna Inc to develop and commercialize functional fungi-based products, Nikzad told Proactive that EI Ventures plans to develop and partner with Avicanna on many different products.

“The reality of it is that Avicanna is going to be our lab and manufacturing partner in the psychedelic and plant medicine space,” Nikzad said. “We are ride or die, as I like to say, with the companies that we invest in.”

Nikzad also provided a broad overview of EI Ventures and its genesis, as well as what investors should watch out for in the months ahead.

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