Elon Musk claims that bots creating ‘good content’ will be exempted from Twitter’s plans to charge API access

After a backlash, Elon Musk stated that “bots providing quality content” will be exempted from Twitter’s controversial proposal for charging for access to the API developers use.

Musk said he was responding to feedback and tweeted late on Saturday: “Twitter is enabling a light, write only API for bots that provides good content that’s free.”

Twitter declared Thursday that it would block access to its API starting February 9. Musk stated that free access to its API had been “abused badly” in the past by “bot scammers and opinion manipulators.”

He tweeted, “Just $100/month API access with ID verification would clean up things up greatly.”

Musk’s proposal could offer a rescue for popular, free-to use bots on Twitter. Some of these bots have already made plans to Mastodon following the announcement that API access would be blocked.

The popular bot-creation site Cheap Bots Doe Quick was previously announced by that it would likely shut down after February 9.

Musk’s most recent comment was responded to by the following: “Or maybe not?” God, who knows more?

According to Twitter’s website, it currently offers both paid and free packages for its API. The premium package is priced between $149 to $2,499 per monthly, depending on how many tweets the developer requests.

Some popular third-party services, such as Tweetbot and Twitterific, had already been forced to