Evgen Pharma hopes to confirm an improved delivery of key drugs after early-stage studies

Huw Jones, chief executive of Evgen Pharma PLC AIM:EVG), stated that he expects to be able confirm the improved delivery of a new formulation of SFX-01. This is its key asset.

His comments were made along with an update on the status of sulforaphane drug treatment. It noted that all three cohorts of the placebo-controlled, dose-escalating randomised phase I/Ib trial had been completed.

The clinical evaluation will provide additional insight into the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the new enteric coated tablet formulation of SFX-01.

Researchers are simultaneously investigating how sulforaphane from SFX-01 is released and how it interacts with molecular targets.

The data from the study are expected to be available in the second quarter, as previously mentioned.

To replace the original capsule formulation, the new tablet has been enteric-coated. The tablet releases sulforaphane (which is found in broccoli) to a specific part of the intestine with the goal of predictable release and minimisation side effects.

If the new formulation performs well, it will be suitable to commercial supply and large-scale trials.

Evgen CEO Jones stated that he anticipates that the new formulation will improve SFX-01 delivery. “It will also demonstrate how sulforaphane interacts with key molecular targets, as we expand into new indications for oncology or neurodevelopmental disorders.”