Gervais Williams, Head of Equities at Premier Miton, Investing Matters Podcast, Episode 21

Welcome to this brand-new investing podcast from the London South East. My name is Peter Higgins, you can find me on Twitter @conkers3 and I will be your host for this series of Investing Matters podcasts.

What can you expect from the Investing Matters podcasts? A great question. You will find long form interviews with noteworthy veterans and experts from the investment and fund management industry. During these interviews each interviewee will share and impart their knowledge, learning and insights on what aspects of Investing truly matters to them and what in their view should matter to investors. We hope this knowledge exchange benefits all and enables all those accessing and listening to these podcasts to achieve even greater investing success.

With that in mind, welcome to episode twenty-one, which is with the hugely talented, award-winning Fund Manager and Author, Gervais William, Head of Equities at Fund Management group Premier Miton.

As Managing Director of Premier Miton Group plc and one of the most sought-after prescient commentators in the City of London, Gervais Williams has also written three books, Slow Finance (2011) and The Future is Small (2014) and The Retreat of Globalisation: Anticipating Radical Change in the Culture of Financial Markets. (2016), all of which I highly recommend our listeners to purchase.

Gervais has been an equity portfolio manager since 1985, His career includes five years with Throgmorton Investment Management (later part of the Framlington Group), three years with Thornton Investment Management (part of Dresdner Bank) and 17 years with Gartmore Group Ltd where he was head of UK Small Companies investing in UK smaller companies and Irish equities. He has a long history of generating premium returns. Enabling him to win and receive many awards, including the Grant Thornton Quoted Companies’ Investor of the Year Award in twice; the Diverse Income Trust plc was recognised as the Best New Investment Trust by the Association Investment Companies when it was set up; and in 2014 he was adjudged to be What Investment’s Fund Manager of the Year.

Gervais is a member of the AIM Advisory Council, and a board member of the Quoted Companies Alliance. Following the Neil Woodford/ Patient Capital Trust debacle he was a member of the Patient Capital Review panel with the then Chancellor of the Exchequer and others.

In this Investing Matters podcast, I discuss with Gervais, how he identifies undervalued small cap stocks, the advantages of investing in small listed companies and investment funds and investment trusts, the importance of assessing the quality of leaders of businesses, the Neil Woodford/ Patient Capital debacle, why is investors should be mindful of companies overburdened with debt, his investing strategies, how he screens for risks to avoid, examples of his investing mistakes and successes, his Fund Management experiences, his books, his passion for small cap investing and much more.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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