Greatland Gold MD Shaun Day outlines his future ambitions for Havieron & answers your #GGP questions

21st March 2022 has been a busy day for Investor Relations at Greatland Gold. The interim results RNS posted at 7 am summarised what a busy six months it has been for the company. Then on our extended 1 company webinar at 11.30 am, the MD Shaun Day gave his upbeat view of the Havieron project and it’s prospects. This is available for you to watch at your leisure here. Shaun isn’t afraid to take on some of the more challenging questions from investors, and this is well worth a listen.

Finally at 12.15 pm Shaun stepped out in front of a live UK private investor audience for the first time – and he didn’t disappoint. Those there in person heard Shaun take us through the 5% Fair Market Price valuation discussions taking place, and his view of the original JV negotiations for Havieron and in particular for Scallywag which took place before his time.

More importantly perhaps, looking forward he painted a really bright picture of what Greatland Gold will become, backed by a 25% stake in one of the world’s biggest, low cost, highest ounces per vertical metres gold mines in the world. Shaun was generous with his time afterwards and spent an hour with investors taking questions and engaging with long term holders, the majority of whom left hugely excited by the prospects for GGP.

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