Greenlandic gold developer AEX updates LSE on Nalunaq mine & the mineral opportunities in Greenland

@LondonSouthEast spoke to Eldur Olafsson, CEO at AEX Gold, the Greelandic gold and green minerals explorer and developer. And this is what Eldur told us.

“What does Greenland have to offer the investment community? It is the largest island in the world and has the oldest rocks that you can find in the world, and they are all on the surface – all geology is there.

“It is Scandinavian in how it is run, it is under Danish rule but it is a home ruling Government in Greenland.

Eldur says “I am Icelandic so I know a bit about living in the Arctic. What it comes down to is operatorship, which is about people, who are going to build, create and get things done. The Greenlandic people have lived there for thousands of years and know how to live there.”

“We build and integrate Greenlandic people, businesses, stakeholders into the whole entity – board, management, geologists, drillers – everyone, and it is key to making a company work in our minds.

“South Greenland is on the same latitude as Northern Scotland and Oslo, so it doesn’t freeze up in the same way, but more importantly it hosts the most interesting geology you can find in Greenland. It hosts the biggest and most strategic rare earth minerals the world has, in three deposits, and it is completely underdeveloped. Greenland only opened up to the mining industry in ’09 and all these discoveries are on the surface, we just haven’t quantified them. That’s why we think we are sitting on something extremely valuable.

AEX Gold #AEXG has a considerable portfolio of valuable assets in South Greenland, and the flagship project is the redevelopment of the old Nalunaq gold mine: “It is already permitted, which can take 7 to 10 years. It already has an inferred gold resource, and we think we have an understanding of how to increase that resource. Our resource is for 250,000 ounces and our potential is for 2 million ounces.”

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