HANetf & GinsGlobal’s Healthcare Megatrend ETF co-creator discusses key takeaways from July report

GinsGlobal’s Anthony Ginsberg discusses key takeaways from the July 2022 Healthcare Megatrend Market Report.

Ginsberg telling Proactive that valuations in the healthcare sector – particularly in innovations such as telemedicine and robotic surgery – have been impacted by inflation hitting 40-year highs earlier this year.

“There’s been quite a strong rebound; I’d say 8-9% off their lows just in the last two weeks,” Ginsberg said. “And of course, there has been an embrace of digitization across the healthcare sector which is quite exciting. We expect quite a lot more M&A and corporate activity in the healthcare space.”

Genome sequencing, neuroscience and bioinformatics holdings were amongst the top performers in the HAN-GINS Index Healthcare Megatrends Equal Weighted UCITS ETF (WELL) for July.

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