How to make sense of stock market volatility

David Paul, Managing Director of VectorVest in the UK joins Donald Leggatt, Head of Investor Relations at London South East to talk through stock picking fundamentals and technical analysis, as well as learning how to use cautious and aggressive trading techniques using the VectorVest platform.

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To explain the system in some depth, David Paul hosts an introductory educational Webinar on Tuesday 27 July at 1.30 pm to teach you about stock choices, trading risk and how to use the system for successful cautious or aggressive trading strategies – whatever suits you best.

To sign up for next Tuesday’s 1.30 pm webinar please register via this link

• VectorVest has been keeping investors and traders on the right side of the market for 30 years.
• VectorVest will tell you EXACTLY whether the overall market is rising or falling at a single glance. No subjective patterns or wave counts. Clear actionable signals.
• VectorVest has short term signals for swing traders and those who spread bet plus long-term market timing signals for position traders and investors.
• VectorVest is loved by traders around the world because it gives you a “map of the market”: you know what is likely to happen next and why. It makes you a better, smarter trader.
• VectorVest will show you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell

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Disclaimer: This is not intended as investment advice. The price of stocks and shares can go down as well as up.

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