Hummingbird’s CEO Unveils Plans for 200K Ounce Yield

Zak Mir interviews Dan Betts, CEO of Hummingbird Resources

Join Zak Mir as he discusses the ambitious journey of Hummingbird Resources towards a staggering 200K ounce gold yield. In this exclusive CEO interview, Dan Betts reveals the operational progress and ongoing ramp-up efforts at their Kouroussa mine, promising a significant leap in production.

Discover how Hummingbird’s strategic moves are positioning them as a formidable player in the mining sector, with a multi-asset, multi-jurisdiction presence that sets them apart in the London small cap scene. Betts delves into the market’s perception of Hummingbird, addressing the challenges and intense focus on ramping up production to meet financial obligations and strengthen the balance sheet.

Dan Betts articulates the company’s roadmap to becoming a 200,000 ounce producer, the importance of cash flow, and their concerted efforts to pay down debt, all pivotal to their growth trajectory.

With Mir’s keen analysis and Betts’ insider perspective, this video is a treasure trove of information for investors looking to understand the intricacies of the gold market and the potential of Hummingbird Resources. Engage with the content and gain financial insights that could be gold dust for your investment strategy.


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7:09 – Crucial Question for Hummingbird Resources

Progress at Terusa

Dan Betts shares that Hummingbird Resources is making significant progress at Terusa. The mining fleet mobilization and volume movement are happening rapidly. The company is currently moving about 25 to 27,000 BCMs (bulk cubic meters) of material per day, which is a crucial step towards achieving full-scale production.

  • The mining fleet is already at the site, and a fourth fleet will be operational soon.
  • Rapid improvements in volume movement are essential for accessing high-grade ore and producing gold through the plant.

Hummingbird’s Transformation

Dan Betts addresses the perception of Hummingbird Resources in the market. While some may still view the company as an idea on a map, it has evolved into a multi-asset, multi-mine producing company. Next year, Hummingbird Resources aims to become a 200,000 ounce gold producer across two mines in two countries, with a third development project in Liberia.

  • The company sees immense value and opportunities to unlock in its current portfolio.
  • Hummingbird Resources is committed to aggressively paying down its balance sheet and strengthening its ability to grow.

The Importance of Cash Flow

Dan Betts emphasizes the significance of cash flow for Hummingbird Resources. Getting gold produced is crucial for generating cash flow, paying down debts, and meeting financial obligations. The company is focused on the ramp-up process to achieve full run rate by the end of this year.

  • Cash flow is essential for Hummingbird Resources to explore new opportunities and strengthen its balance sheet.

Balancing Balance Sheet and Production

The balance sheet is a critical aspect for Hummingbird Resources, alongside production. The company aims to mitigate risks and manage the ramp-up process effectively. Dan Betts highlights the close collaboration with major lender Chorus Bank and senior shareholders, who remain committed and supportive of Hummingbird’s growth.

  • The balance sheet and production go hand in hand for Hummingbird Resources’ success.
  • The company has already completed feasibility studies, project financing, and construction, focusing on proving cash flow and paying down the balance sheet.

Hummingbird’s Unique Selling Points

For investors considering a gold play with growth prospects, Hummingbird Resources offers immediate leverage into the gold price. The company’s target of 200,000 ounces production and paying down $70 million of debt next year can potentially translate into equity value. Additionally, exploration success and extending mine life at Terusa further enhance the company’s tangible value.

  • Hummingbird Resources provides a real, existing, and producing opportunity in the gold market.
  • The company has attracted reputable investors, highlighting its potential.

The Road Ahead

Dan Betts acknowledges that every stage of building an operating company comes with its own challenges. Hummingbird Resources has made significant progress in establishing a diversified gold mining company. With nearly 2,000 employees and contractors, the company focuses on stability, robustness, and building better systems.

  • Hummingbird Resources aims to reduce risk through diversification and create a robust business.
  • Despite the market’s current valuation, the company remains focused on its long-term goals.

Stay tuned for more updates from Hummingbird Resources as they continue their journey towards becoming a leading mid-tier gold producer!

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