In 2023, more than 800 stores will close across the US. The complete list is here.

In 2023, more than a dozen major retailers will close at least 800 US locations.

Macy’s and Walmart are just a few of the stores closing.

Bed Bath & Beyond plans to close 416 locations, the most among all retailers on the list.

Although it isn’t quite the retail apocalypse from previous years, it is a significant shakeup.

Announcements from major retailers in 2023 find at least 803 stores closing during the year across the US.

There are many reasons for this: Some companies are going through bankruptcy proceedings while others are trying to reduce costs.

The list’s leader is the houseware giant Bed Bath & Beyond. It once owned over 1,500 stores in three brands but now has 480 locations.

Check out the complete list:

Tuesday Morning: 265 stores

As part of bankruptcy proceedings, the Dallas-based home goods company will close more then half its stores.

Party City: 22 stores

12 locations are up for auction. Another 10 will be closed in February while the company goes bankrupt.

Macy’s: 4 stores

As part of its three year plan to close 125 stores, Macy’s will close four stores in the first quarter at shopping centers in California, Colorado and Hawaii.

RealReal 6 stores

To save approximately $2 million, the luxury consignment market is closing four stores and two offices in the US.

JCPenney has 2 stores

After the closing of more than 150 stores, JCPenney’s Oswego, New York, and Elkhart, Indiana locations will close in 2019.