Intelligent Ultrasound year in review: on the path to profitability

Vox Markets speaks to Stuart Gall, chief executive of Intelligent Ultrasound, about a year in which the “classroom to clinic” ultrasound specialist hit important milestones on its path to profitability by 2024.

00:00 Intro
00:32 The continuing expansion of IUG’s relationship with GE Healthcare and the scale of the opportunity to expand its AI revenue streams.
03:53 The potential of the ScanNav Anatomy Peripheral Nerve block for use in anaesthesiology ultrasound following FDA approval in the US
06:40 Investment in the direct selling capability in the US and further salesforce expansion plans.
07:41 The rationale and importance of the support for the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology in its mission to bring sustainable ultrasound programmes to the underserved areas of the world.
09:25 Progress in the training side of the business, and the launch of Needletrainer 2
10:54 The continuing impact of the pandemic and other geopolitical issues
13:08 The potential of IUG’s technology to augment clinician’s expertise and help alleviate the burden on healthcare systems around the world
14:59 The pipeline of new product development and potential other ultrasound applications.
16:07 Investment plans for 2023 having strengthened the balance sheet, and the focus on achieving profitability by 2024 by growing AI sales

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