Interview – Steven Cooklin CEO of Manolete

In this interview, Steven Cooklin, CEO of Manolete Partners (MANO.L) – the UK’s largest insolvency litigation specialist – talks Paul Hill through its latest results:

00:00 What Manolete does
06:00 Would the Board ever consider also offering Insolvency Practitioner (IP) services?
06:46 Cartel cases
08:14 Temporary impact of government’s Covid measures
10:05 Unwinding of Covid backlog
10:53 Tougher economic climate
13:08 Industry shift towards a 3rd party model
16:00 Board’s confidence wrt future prospects
17:50 Are IPs fully back to work?
18:19 Does MANO have sufficient resource to meet demand?
19:50 Availability of funding capacity
21:13 Organic growth vs M&A
23:41 Hypothetically in 3-5 years, how big could the business become?
25:12 Future newsflow

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