Investor Masterclass: How to Prosper in the Perfect Storm

Times have changed. Gone are the days of easy money and index tracking. Instead stock and debt pickers need to be more astute than ever to deliver superior returns amid a much tougher outlook.

In this latest Investor Masterclass, Paul Hill is joined by Judith Mackenzie (Downing), James Athey (Abrdn) and Colin McLean (SVM) to find out which asset classes & stocks are best positioned to cope with the current market turmoil.

00:00 View on the economy
03:47 What’s priced into equities?
04:47 Inflation
07:34 Will smallcaps recover faster than the FTSE?
10:41 Are supply chains easing?
12:09 State of the IPO market
13:23 Availability of corporate credit
16:44 What’s a sensible valuation multiple for equities?
18:51 How much downside is there still to come?
20:13 What should do better – active or passive investing?
20:53 Other interesting ideas in fixed income?
26:02 Where is Sterling heading?
27:21 Miners & integrated oil stocks
28:34 Equals.
31:12 Benefits of holding cash.
35:05 Chip stocks Aixtron & Intel
36:44 Ashtead Technology
38:20 What else to consider in fixed income?
42:33 Glencore
45:31 TheWorks.
47:29 Tracsis
48:59 What catalysts could reverse the bear market?
53:02 JD Sports Fashion
53:46 FireAngel

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