London South East interview: Steve Cope, CEO at TSX/OTC Silver Viper targets Tier 1 gold potential

London South East does’t often do interviews with Canadian TSXV-listed miners. But for Steve Cope, President & CEO at Silver Viper Minerals we made an exception.

• VIPR is a gold-silver exploration story based around the La Virginia Silver-Gold project in the Mexican state of Sonoro.

• A Maiden resource has already been released, exploration of new prospects continues and a deep penetrating geophysical survey has just started .

President Steve Cope explained: “Our gold resource is sitting at a gram, a gram and a half equivalent, with most Sonora mines at half a gram, our resource is 700,000 ounces of gold equivalent, and some of our new drilling has already added to the open pit resource. Most mines here start at half a million ounces so we have already met that threshold. However El Rubi remains open along strike and at depth and what we are really focused on is to develop an underground resource to go below that pit, and our deep survey is setting us up for a major catalyst when we test El Rubi at depth and go looking for a deeper contact.”

Drilling at El Rubi has targeted increasingly deeper intercepts, and a deep-penetrating geophyisical survey is being undertaken to assist a drilling campaign at much greater depth.

” We are looking at Tier-1 gold mine geological comparisons around the world. It’s at that contact down at depth between the rhyolites and the metasediments that you hit these bonanza grade gold and base metal numbers. We’ve hit some pretty exciting numbers so far, but when someone says it can get even better we are certainly very interested in that and we are going to be testing using the geophysics to show us where the contact is and the change of magnetics in the rock type” Steve explained.

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