London South East Natural Resources evening video presentations 4.10.22: #ANGS, #COPL, #RBW and #LUR

London South East were delighted to kickstart October with a successful Natural Resources event attended by several 100 investors.

With many thanks to Angus Energy CEO George Lucan; Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd President & CEO Arthur Millholland; George Bennett, CEO at Rainbow Rare Earths and Stephen Keith, CEO at Labrador Uranium for presenting and taking questions. And most of all to the audience who attended and asked questions on the night.

Angus Energy: 2:49 and Q&A at 17:31
George Lucan talks about expanding capacity to 12 million cubic feet per day by installing a second compressor at Saltfleetby, work on a sidetrack well has begun and there may even be a second sidetrack well in Q3/Q4 of next year. As George says, ‘Saltfleetby is a gold mine’.

COPL: 31:20 + Q&A at 57:20
Arthur Millholland joined us from London to talk us through the three Wyoming assets and their potential. He confirmed he was pleased with output and expected the overall flow to continue to increase from 1600 bpd. Arthur is in discussions with another player about JV funding development, and is in discussions with banks right now for the RBL deal to refinance the debt. ‘We have an excellent asset base and we are targeting getting a term sheet this month so we can draw by the end of the year.’

Rainbow Rare Earths: 1:02:56 and Q&A at 1:25:59
We were delighted to have George Bennett, CEO at Rainbow Rare Earths present a day after publishing RBW’s Preliminary Economic Assessment for Phalaborwa. Main Market listed Rainbow published the PEA for the Phalaborwa Rare Earths Project in South Africa after just 20 months, and as expected the economics are stunning. Rainbow is adapting tried and tested KTECH technology to extract Rare Earths from gypsum with total production of over 26,000 tonnes of separated Rare Earths predicted, generating $3.6 billion of revenue over 14.2 years.

Labrador Uranium: 1:36:13 and Q&A at 2:00:35
We were delighted to have Stephen Keith, CEO at Labrador Uranium, listed on the Canadian and OTCQB stock exchanges at our event. Stephen firmly believes demand is growing for Uranium with the energy crisis and the need for green energy a global driver. So much so that he believes a uranium supercycle is coming. LUR are undertaking an inaugural drilling and exploration programme on their 139,000 hectare CMB or Central Mineral Belt property in Labrador, Newfoundland and using machine learning to analyse 50 years of historical mining data from the area.


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