Mark Dampier, former Research Director at HL on London South East, Investing Matters Podcast Ep 12

Welcome to this brand new investing podcast from the London South East. My name is Peter Higgins, you can find me on Twitter @conkers3 and I will be your host for this series of Investing Matters podcasts.

What can you expect from the Investing Matters podcasts? A great question. You will find long form interviews with noteworthy veterans and experts from the investment and fund management industry. During these interviews each interviewee will share and impart their knowledge, learning and insights on what aspects of Investing truly matters to them and what in their view should matter to investors. We hope this knowledge exchange benefits all and enables all those accessing and listening to these podcasts to achieve even greater investing success.

With that in mind, welcome to episode twelve of Investing Matters. It is with none other than Mark Dampier, the former Research Director at the FTSE 100 listed Investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown, which in December 2021 had 1,693,000 active clients globally. Mark held the position of head of research at Hargreaves Lansdown from 1998 until 2020. Mark has been in the financial services industry for forty years, initially as an advisor helping individual clients to invest their money. Mark went onto become one of the most quoted figures in the Fund Management industry, the author of the brilliant book, “Effective Investing: A simple way to build wealth by investing in funds”. Although now semi-retired Mark still plays a very active role within the Investment Industry via his Investment Trust Non-Executive Director roles, interviews and the regular investment articles he writes.

In this Investing Matters podcast, I discuss with Mark, the importance of continual learning, investing psychology, fund managers, Twitter, his investment career at Hargreaves Lansdown, The Hargreaves Lansdown “Best buy list”, The Neil Woodford debacle, filtering out the best funds, platform fees, performance fees, investment trusts, bull/bear markets, books and much more.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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