Mirriad Advertising #MIRI: why in-content advertising is the way forward

New research conducted by advertising measurement specialist Kantar and adtech specialist Mirriad Advertising #MIRI has revealed some remarkable findings about the effectiveness of in-content advertising.

The groundbreaking research conducted on live campaigns showed that brand awareness, ad awareness, viewer favourability and purchase consideration all improved when in-content advertising was run alongside traditional TV spots.

The findings should resonate with streaming providers – increasingly exploring ad funded models but wary of viewers concerns over advertising overload – and advertisers seeking ways of improving the effectiveness of their advertising expenditure.
Vox spoke to Tim Jones, Global Head of Research and Insight at Mirriad Advertising, and Sparsh Pandya, client director of media insights at research group Kantar, to discover more about the research, and its implications for Mirriad’s growth prospects.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Tim Jones (Mirriad) and Sparsh Pandar (Kantar) introductions
01:32 What do we mean by in-content advertising?
03:53 Explain Kantar’s work with Mirriad and the research methodology
09:34 Consumer perceptions of in-content advertising
13:04 The effect of in-content advertising on Purchase Intent
15:11 How the research helps advertisers fine-tune their advertising strategies
17:40 Why in-content is likely to be a key future advertising format
20:45 Future research plans as in-content advertising evolves
21:50 How the research support Mirriad’s product development plans

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