NatWest will close 23 more branches in England and Wales

NatWest will close 23 more branches in England, Wales and the United States. This is in addition to the raft of high-street banking closings announced earlier this month.

These sites will be closed in the first half year. According to the bank, these closures are due to increased customer use of online and mobile banking.

This announcement comes just one week after Lloyds Banking Group announced it would close 40 Lloyds and Halifax sites in England and Wales. Lloyds stated that the average number of customers who visit the branches it will close has dropped by 60% over the past five years.

According to the latest announcement by NatWest, 87 branches were slated to be closed by high-street banks this year.

NatWest spokesperson stated that: “As in many other industries, most customers are shifting to online and mobile banking because it’s quicker and easier to manage their finances.

“We know and acknowledge that digital solutions may not be right for every person or situation. We must ensure that everyone is included when we close branches. We are committed to supporting people who have difficulties moving online. Therefore, we invest to make sure they get the support and options that they need.

The rise of online banking has caused banks to reconsider their high street presence. There were a number of closures in the last year due to changing customer habits. NatWest announced that it would close 43 branches in October. This was in addition to the 15 branches announced in May and 21 February. HSBC announced in November that it would close 114 branches across the UK, which is more than a quarter its network.

NatWest closings

Southampton Bitterne Road 25 April

Blackpool Lytham Road 25 April

London Clapham High Street 26 April

Stroud Bank Buildings, 26 April

Fleet Fleet Road, 27 April

Heslington Main Street 27 April

Dunstable High Street North 3 May

Maidstone Sutton Road. 4 May

Exeter St Thomas Centre, 9 May

Bootle Stanley Road, 10 May

Crawley Gatwick Road, 11 May

Frome Market Place 11 May

Broadwater Broadwater Street East, 16 May

Colwyn Bay Abergele Road, 17 May

Ilminster East Street 18 May

London Marylebone High Street 23 May

Sheerness High Street 24 May

Llansamlet Phoenix Way, 25 May

Cranbrook High Street, 30 Mai

Torquay Newton Road 31 May

Birstall Loughborough Road. 1 June

Horwich Lee Lane (TBC)

Shoreham-by-Sea East Street. TBC

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