NioCorp Developments says its Elk Creek project in Nebraska is vital for the US EV industry

NioCorp Developments CEO and executive chairman Mark Smith and chief operating officer Scott Honan joined Proactive to discuss the ESG benefits of the company’s Elk Creek critical minerals project in Southeast Nebraska.

Smith and Honan telling Proactive that the green house gas (GHG) reductions that the Niobium, Scandium, Titanium and rare earth byproducts that Elk Creek will produce will far outweigh the environmental impact of the project.

The project has the second-largest indicated-or-better rare earth resource in the US, second only to MP Materialsā€™ Mountain Pass deposit in California.

And with China currently dominating the production of rare earth elements, they said creating a large American producer is hugely important for the future of the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

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