North American objects shot down ‘all connected’

Justin Trudeau will discuss a “very serious situation” with Joe Biden. White House spokesperson comments on extraterrestrial claims

Justin Trudeau stated that the four objects which were shot down in North America over recent days showed a “pattern”, and were linked in some way.

It happened as Canadian and US officials tried to figure out the origins of three objects that were destroyed in the aftermath of , a Chinese spy balloon being demolished on February 4, off the South Carolina coast.

Canadian Prime Minister said that there was a pattern to the events. The fact that we have been able to see it significantly over the past week should be the reason for concern and attention.

Trudeau didn’t elaborate on the “pattern”.

US military fighter jets downed an octagonal object above Lake Huron on Sunday.

A cylindrical object that was cylindrical in shape was found over Canada’s Yukon the day before. Investigators are still looking for the remains.

On Friday, a similar object was shot over sea ice near Deadhorse in Alaska.

Speaking in Whitehorse (Yukon’s capital), Trudeau said that winter weather was hindering recovery efforts.

He stated that it was a very serious situation and that he would talk about the topic of aerial objects with Joe Biden next month.

When Trudeau was asked why Canada didn’t shoot down the object above Yukon, Trudeau replied: “Norad (North American Aerospace Defense Command),” Trudeau stated that it is a joint command. This means that we do things together over North America. There were both Canadian and American fighter planes that scrambled for the object to be intercepted and taken down.

“Our focus wasn’t on which side gets credit.”

John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, stated that he couldn’t provide more details on the “pattern”, Mr Trudeau used to refer to.

It could be that all objects were moving in the same direction as the wind, according to him.

Kirby stated that the US would ask its allies for details about similar unidentified objects in their airspace.

The US president directed Antony Blinken (the secretary of state), Lloyd Austin (the defence secretary) and Avril Hayines (the Director of National intelligence) to meet with their counterparts to “share what they’re learning, as well as get their perspectives,” Mr Kirby stated.

He said, “We’re going have those types of conversations with allies, partners, what kindof experiences they had, to learn from them and also to learn from them.

“Our friends, our partners, and we are also dealing with this. This is a problem that affects everyone in the world. This is a top priority for the president.

Officials in the US have confirmed that spy balloons from China have been detected over the US for many years. This includes during President Donald Trump’s time. However, Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, said that the issue was not limited to any particular administration or political party.

He said that Congress would conduct a thorough bipartisan examination of these incidents and investigate why the US authorities did not find the Chinese surveillance balloons sooner.

Beijing claimed that Mr Kirby had denied claims that the US had flown spy satellites above China.

He also stated that there was no US surveillance aircraft in Chinese airspace.

He stated that the US radar was reset following the Chinese spy balloon, which he claimed had picked up slow-moving objects at high altitude.

Mr Kirby stated that “One reason we think we are seeing more is that we’re looking.”

He said that some of the payload, including some electronics, from the Chinese spy ball, was recovered from water at 45 feet off South Carolina.

When Kirby was asked if China’s incidents have impacted relations, Kirby replied: “It certainly has not helped us to move forward in the manner that we wanted.”Officially, Mr Kirby ruled out the possibility that any of these objects were of extraterrestrial Origin.

He stated that he didn’t believe the American people should be concerned about aliens in relation to these craft. Period.”

Karine Jean-Pierre was White House press secretary and stated: “I understand there have been questions, concerns about this, but there is no indication of aliens, extraterrestrial activities with these recent takedowns.

A general in the US Air Force stated Sunday that he couldn’t rule out aliens or offer any other explanation.

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