Ocado adds more products to its online store in an effort to reduce tensions between M&S and Ocado

Ocado has added almost 600 M&S items to its website as it tries to reduce tensions with the retail giant.

Ocado Retail bosses have strengthened their M&S offer after recent concerns raised about a lack in integrated thinking.

Archie Norman, M&S Chairman, , previously stated that he was “not satisfied” with performance of the joint-venture, which was formed in 2019 following a deal between Ocado Group.

He stated that there is “work to be done” to improve Ocado Retail.

Stuart Machin, the CEO of M&S, is frustrated that Ocado does not promote M&S in its emails or advertisements.
He has therefore pushed to make more of the range available online through Ocado.

He said that Ocado Retail’s chief Hannah Gibson asked him last month to be more optimistic about the venture.

He said that he was “very objective”, as Ocado Retail had posted a loss for the first half of the year.

Ocado Retail’s online grocery service grew during the pandemic but has struggled since, as more customers returned to store.

Last year, grocery sales dropped for the first time ever. Executives are now developing a strategy to improve the situation, which involves forming closer connections with M&S.
The stock of M&S products has increased from 80pc to 90pc.

Ocado has added 580 M&S products since the middle of September. These are sold alongside their own brand Ocado and Morrisons.

Ms. Gibson said that customers like having many options all year round, especially at Christmas.
“We are working more closely with M&S each day. Our wide range, great service, and M&S’s food expertise make us confident that we offer the best products to our customers.