Pembridge Resources #PERE announces a new focus on the decarbonisation of renewables market

London South East spoke to Gati Al-Jebouri, CEO and Chairman of Pembridge Resources, #PERE, who have an 11% investment stake in and close links with TSX-listed Minto Metals Corp who run the operational Minto copper mine in the Yukon, Canada.

“The announcement today is to say we are not going to be solely looking at copper projects going forward but also decarbonisation of the energy sector. I really want to start looking at renewable energy and an example of that is solar and solar parks. Over the next 8 years we are going to see dramatic growth, anything up to 10 times current solar power production. I see a lot of opportunities in the energy transition field.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the background, “Some investors got together in 2017 and put some money into what was then a cash shell” explained Gati. “And put some money into what was then known as Minto Explorations . We purchased Minto from Capstone by 2019 and subsequently brought Minto into production by October 2019. I was non-executive director for most of that time and took over as CEO in October 2019.”

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