Perrier destroys 2 million bottles of water following a ‘fecal discovery’

Perrier has been asked by the French government to stop using one well “as an extra precaution”.

Perrier was ordered to destroy 2 million bottles of water following the discovery of bacteria “of faecal source” in one of their wells located in Gard in south France.

Nestle claims that “several hundred pallets worth” of bottles were destroyed.

The company did not specify the type of contamination, but assured that “all bottles available on the market are safe to consume”.

The group has been accused of treating its Vittel, Contrex, Hepar and Perrier water brands in a non-compliant manner.

The report noted that “very heavy rains associated with storm Monica, which struck the south-east part of France mid-March” caused a “punctual microbial deviation”.

Since 1903, the Perrier brand has been using water from Vergeze near Nimes.

Nestle says that it is “under increased surveillance… on the request of authorities”. Nestle says that the operation will resume “at the appropriate time, under the control and supervision of the authorities”.

Since the end of January, pressure has been mounting on the mineral water producer after it admitted to using prohibited treatments to maintain its quality.

It told French media that since the beginning of April it had “intensified” the surveillance of its French drilling, “under the control” of the authorities.

Last year, some wells in the Vosges were closed.

The French Senate began a fact-finding mission on 11 April to “bring light” to the failures of the state in controlling the bottled water industry.