Poolbeg Pharma CEO Jeremy Skillington tells London South East 2022 is all about execution #POLB

@LondonSouthEast were delighted to give a warm welcome to Jeremy Skillington, CEO of Open Orphan spin-out Poolbeg Pharma #POLB. Jeremy was speaking at our February live event, 2.08.22.

Poolbeg is targeting the £250 billion infectious diseases market and is rapidly building a portfolio of assets to develop, do human testing on and then partner with Big Pharma.

The strategy is to do this quickly and effectively with what they term their ‘capital light’ model, with 4-5 million pounds spent per asset.

The assets so far are:

POLB001, POLB002, POLB003, an Oral Vaccine Delivery platform, an AI Powered Drug Discovery programme and a Vaccine Discovery platform.

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