Q&A with Belluscura CEO Bob Rauker & CFO Tony Dyer

Three traits of ‘best-in-class’ companies are ‘adaptability’, ‘continuous improvement’ and ‘strategic delivery’.

Similarly in this fascinating interview, CEO Bob Rauker & CFO Tony Dyer of Belluscura explain how the business has literally transformed its supply chain over the past 9 months, developed revolutionary new products and is signing up some of the biggest distributors in the industry.

In turn, ideally positioning #BELL to achieve exponential growth over the next few years, including:

00:00 Underlying demand
02:05 H1 highlights
03:35 Scaling production capacity
11:05 Input cost inflation
12:25 Working capital management
13:35 New product development
16:55 Expanding into Asia & Europe
19:05 Outlook for 2023 & beyond
19:45 Future newsflow

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