Q&A with Equals Group CEO, Ian Strafford-Taylor & CFO Richard Cooper

If you fancy mixing high quality investments with ‘big screen entertainment’, then look no further than Equals. A leading B2B international e-payments & fintech platform that released ‘super-hero’ results today.

CEO Ian Strafford-Taylor & CFO Richard Cooper explain;


00:00 How is the business faring in Q1’22
02:25 Is this pace of £1m/week in sales sustainable?
03:55 How might the top line growth translate into 2022 EBITDA?
08:50 What’s been driving the parabolic numbers from “Solutions”?
12:40 How will this flow through into the B2B / B2C mix & margins?
16:45 What’s the competitive landscape like for B2B?
19:00 Are there any early signs of the B2C division coming back?
20:00 What scale of M&A is feasible?
22:10 Possible future newsflow.

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