Q&A with Harwood Capital CEO, Christopher Mills

Outstanding stock pickers deliver fabulous long term returns – none better than Christopher Mills of Harwood Capital.

Find out here, his latest thoughts on the capital markets alongside highlighting another 17 possible investment ideas – including:

00:00 Outlook for equities
06:33 Likelihood of a hard credit cycle in 2023
08:34 UK house prices & MJ Gleeson
12:46 OnTheMarket (OTMP)
15:47 Identifying possible M&A targets
24:13 Crestchic (LOAD)
27:28 Avingtrans (AVG)
29:52 Hargreaves Services
30:54 Avingtrans AVG
32:29 EKF Diagnostics (EKF)
36:06 Renalytix (RENX)
38:57 Verici DX (VRCI)
42:01 NIOX (NIOX)
47:01 Assetco (ASTO)
52:03 Centaur Media (CAU)
54:18 Tribal Group (TRB)
57:23 TP ICAP (TCAP)
59:41 Sureserve (SUR)
01:01:49 Black Swans to watch out for
01:03:58 Options for investing in Harwood Capital


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