Q&A with Immotion CEO Martin Higginson

Immotion Plc #IMMO CEO, Martin Higginson, discusses the Company’s latest results which saw an increase in group revenue of 230% to £9.4m (2020: £2.8m) and positive adjusted EBITDA of £0.9m (2020: £1.7m negative). Martin outlines the Company's four pillar strategy and what investors can expect next

00:00 Introduction and 2021 Results Summary
03:27 Is the bounce back and growth of the LBE business what’s driven your decision to look to spin out the Home-Based Entertainment and Uvisan divisions?
05:48 Despite great results, a growing LBE business and new partners on the horizon your success hasn’t been reflected in the share price – why do you think this is?
09:56 More signings on the horizon
12:29 With the combination of plug and play solution and the large theatre type installations you must be confident in the outlook for 2023 and beyond?
13:21 WH Ireland have resumed analyst coverage and forecasts of your business, I presume to have reinstated this you must be confident in the future of the business and the business model

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