Q&A with Lunglife AI’s #LLAI CEO, Paul Pagano

Lung cancer is an awful disease which annually kills around 1.8m people worldwide. Worse still, around 40% of those patients deemed at risk from indeterminate lung nodules are diagnosed incorrectly using CT scans.

In this fascinating interview, CEO Paul Pagano explains why Lunglife AI‘s #LLAI ground-breaking technology could literally transform the early diagnosis of this terrible condition.

00:00 What the science does & how it works
03:03 Accuracy of the LungLB test vs existing standard of care
03:51 Advantages of using Circulating Tumour Cells
06:15 Size of addressable market
09:04 Progress of 425 person validation trial
11:27 Is FDA approval required?
12:22 Difference between validation & utility studies
14:41 Significance of New York Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Programme permit.
16:01 Timeline to 1st revenues
17:41 International opportunities
18:57 Funding runway
20:40 Future newsflow

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