Q&A with Michelmersh Brick Holdings #MBH co-CEO Frank Hanna and CFO Ryan Mahoney

On the back of today’s outstanding 2021 results, co-CEO Frank Hanna and CFO Ryan Mahoney of Michelmersh Brick #MBH take me through:


00:00 The current state of the UK brick market
02:40 Impact from the Ukraine/Russian conflict
03:35 How Q1’22 trading is shaping up
04:50 Does MBH have sufficient stocks to meet demand?
06:50 How energy & cost inflation is being managed
08:50 Are selling prices being lifted?
11:25 How should investors model profit margins in 2022.
13:10 Could MBH benefit from the £4bn recladding opportunity?
14:55 Within which areas might the £7.7m net cash pile be deployed?
16:40 Hypothetically, how could MBH respond if house prices were to decline?
19:40 Possible future newsflow

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