Q&A with Million Dollar Traders Chief Investment Strategist, James Helliwell

James Helliwell, Chief Investment Strategist at MillionDollarTraders & contributor to eToro offers very candid insights in this ‘Traders Masterclass’.

What is the capital markets outlook from a trader’s perspective? (start)
Typically what are the best conditions for trading? (02:48)
What characteristics do you need to be successful trader? (05:08)
How many traders actually make money? (11:08)
What differentiates those that do vs those that don’t? (12:08)
Targeted returns for professional traders? (15:08)
What methodology do you use (17:18)? 5 step approach – Idea generation, fundamental/technical analysis, investor psychology & risk mgt.
Do you use ‘Stop Losses’? (29:43
What’s the importance of social media? (32:33)
Why focus on single stocks compared to other assets? (33:48)
How many positions to hold? (36:38)
What KPIs use to measure performance? (37:13)
When to sell? (40:28)
Any stocks to run the slide rule over? (41:18)
What final advice for budding Bobby Axelrods of Billions? (51:28)

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