Q&A with Premier Miton Fund Manager, Gervais Williams

In this interview, leading fund manager Gervais Williams of Premier Miton provides his initial thoughts on the Omicron variant, alongside his insights into some of the leading UK stocks


00:00 Initial view on the Omicron variant
02:25 Eneraqua Technologies
04:55 Saietta
07:05 Autins
08:41 Lords Trading
11:30 K3 Capital
14:10 RBG (formerly Rosenblatt)
16:10 Mears
19:10 Independent oil & gas
21:45 Jadestone energy
23:40 Cyanconnode
27:15 Avacta
32:05 Mirriad Advertising
33:55 Any risk to watch out for?
36:05 Which type of firms to focus on
37:00 M&A activity

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